Pregmate Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips

  • Determine your most fertile days
  • Identify the best time to conceive
  • Results are over 99% accurate
  • Test for pregnancy 5 days early
  • Discreet packaging
  • Best Value! As low as 19¢ per test

Pregmate ovulation tests accurately detect Luteinizing Hormone in urine.
Maximize your chance of pregnancy with accurate ovulation prediction.
Find your most fertile 12-48 hours with our discreet, simple and easy-to-use ovulation tests.
Predict your fertility window. Get pregnant faster.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1065 reviews
Marlee H
These work!

I bought the ovulation and pregnancy tests and got pregnant the first month I used them. The ovulation tests let me know when I was ovulating perfectly and my due date was exactly when I thought based off these strips. The pregnancy test strips worked very early on! Ended up I didn’t need 50 pregnancy tests and 100 ovulation tests hahaha but for the price it was well worth it!!!

Ovulation & HCG strips!

I loved Pregmate opk and HCG strips! They are great for us ladies that test daily and need answers and like to see the lines change. From having the lines go darker for OVULATION to actually seeing 2 lines on a HCG test. These tests are mostly reliable and I haven’t experienced any indents or watermarks. Overall I would highly recommend!


I started using Pregmate ovulation strips last year - they were easy to access and a good price per strip. I recently got this pack with pregnancy and ovulation strips. I appreciated that they came in a combo pack. Since using Pregmate, I’ve never had any problems with inaccurate test results or null values.

I would really like Pregmate to come out with more sustainable packaging - recyclable or compostable.

Aisha Graham
Didn’t use them

I ordered these with 3-5 day shipping and they arrived almost two weeks later. I ended up getting a pregnancy test from the drug store and then didn’t need these. I bet it is a good product, just sucks their shipping isn’t as advertised

Very accurate

Used for one month with success. Highly recommend

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