Pregmate Ovulation Test Strips

  • Determine your most fertile days
  • Best way to track ovulation
  • Results are over 99% accurate
  • Identify the best time to conceive
  • Discreet packaging
  • Best Value! As low as 19¢ per test

Pregmate ovulation tests accurately detect Luteinizing Hormone in urine.
Maximize your chance of pregnancy with accurate ovulation prediction.
Find your most fertile 12-48 hours with our discreet, simple and easy-to-use ovulation tests.
Predict your fertility window. Get pregnant faster. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1881 reviews
Highly recommend!!

These helped me figure out that I ovulate way later in my cycle than "normal" which is useful info when TTC! Very affordable, accurate and easy to use!

Easy, accurate and A MUST!

These ovulation strips are a MUST when trying to conceive. Very easy and accurate when it came to tracking my cycle when it was time for baby making! Will be re purchasing and have told many friends about Pregmate. Also found in target so very convenient to purchasing as well.

Affordable…Accurate…WORTH IT

I bought these on amazon in a bundle pack with the pregnancy test strips. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for two months. I realized that since I have pcos I need to track my ovulation to ensure I am indeed ovulating. The test strips work as described and the instructions are very simple to follow. You need to buy them!

Affordable and Accurate!

I have used these tests to track ovulation while trying to conceive as well as natural family planning. They are accurate and so helpful when it comes to understanding how your body works. The price is fair and affordable which is an added bonus! I definitely recommend to anyone who is trying to conceive or just learn more about their body.

Easy to use

Instructions are super easy to follow! Super convenient too

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