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Alcohol Breast Milk Tests Instructions for Use

Pregmate alcohol breast milk test strips detect the presence of alcohol at a level of 20 mg/dl or greater in breast milk. The test consists of plastic strip with a reactive test pad attached to the tip. The test pad will change color on contact with breast milk that contains alcohol.

Saturate test pad with breast milk:

    Express milk directly onto test pad

    or dip test pad in small portion of milk from a pumped sample collected in a clean, dry container.

    Remove test strip after 3 seconds. 

    Tap excess breast milk off test pad. Wait exactly 2 minutes.


      Read test results by comparing test pad to the Color Card.

      Read results in 2 minutes

      Positive: The test will produce a color change in the presence of alcohol in breast milk. The results will show the concentration of alcohol in milk in a scale from 0.02% to 0.30%. This is represented by the intensity of the blue color which ranges from light blue (0.02%) to dark blue (0.30%). Please, use the provided scale for more detailed reference. The test may produce colors that appear to be between adjacent color examples.

      Negative: When the test shows no color change this should be interpreted as a negative result indicating that alcohol has not been detected.

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