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Pregmate Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips

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  • Determine your most fertile days
  • Identify the best time to conceive
  • Confirm pregnancy early and quickly
  • Discreet packaging

Pregmate ovulation tests accurately detect Luteinizing Hormone in urine.
Maximize your chance of pregnancy with accurate ovulation prediction.
Find your most fertile 12-48 hours with our discreet, simple and easy-to-use ovulation tests. Predict your fertility window. Get pregnant faster.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1230 reviews

I have been using Pregmate ovulation strips for a couple of months and love how easy and straight forward it is to read!

sharmonique bright

Pregmate Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips

Rochelle Gardner
Works Great!

I love that they give you a good amount of tests that allow you to test more than just a couple days! I was able to accurately figure out when I ovulated, which wasn't when I was expecting to! Looking forward to testing to see if I'm pregnant in a few days!

Ashley Bates

I love them

Preg/Ovu tests

Very easy to use!
My Dr. said it would be good to track my ovulation dates because she does not think I’m ovulating every month like I should. These are a very quick and easy way to do so! Works great for a good price.

Love buying in bulk

I have PCOS and had a pregnancy loss so tracking everything has been important. Being able to buy a convenient bulk pack makes me feel better about "over testing" because I don't have to worry that I'm going to run out too early or that I'm wasting tests. It's definitely given me a lot of peace of mind and helped me find and keep track of a difficult to predict ovulation time!

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