Pregmate Pregnancy Midstream Tests


  • Accurate and reliable pregnancy tests
  • Will work 5 days before your missed period

  • Results are over 99.8% accurate

  • As low as 99¢ per test

Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Fallen Angel
Great tests very accurate

I bought these for TTC and they shave been great! No evap lines like I’ve gotten on other tests. Price is right for being a poas addict like myself! Will definitely purchase these again

Taylor H
Affordable and detect pregnancy at time of missed period!

I am very pleased with the pregmate pregnancy tests. $10.95 for 10 tests is amazing! So much better than spending over $10 a test from the store. These tests detected my pregnancy on the 2nd day of my missed period. The lines started out faint, but with these tests being so affordable, I was able to take tests over the next few days while my hcg was increasing!
I am one happy FTM!

They work perfectly

I found out i was pregnant at 10 dpo with these these for ah testaholic like myself...

Cost effective!!!

If you’re like me and want to test constantly, these are for you!! I got a discount through the Ovia app so these basically cost me $14 for a pack of 20!! Only complaint is that I didn’t realize there were instructions inside the bag until a few days after receiving them. The packaging makes it seem like the instructions are only online. Not a big deal, but the instructions in the bag say to have the test in urine for 10 seconds whereas online it only says to do it for a few seconds, so it would have been nice to know there’s a specific time limit they recommend. But either way, super cute packaging and super affordable!

Chelsey Giddens

Nice product cute wrapping

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