Pregmate Pregnancy Midstream Tests

  • Test 5 days before your missed period
  • Confirm pregnancy early and quickly
  • Results are over 99.8% accurate
  • Best Value! As low as 99¢ per test

Test for pregnancy at home with our discreet and easy-to-use pregnancy tests.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 175 reviews
      Danielle K.
      Exactly what you'd expect: Good prices. Fast and Discreet shipping

      Truly no major complaints. Was paying $16+ for 2 or 3 tests, Pregmate is MUCH more cost-effective. Shipping was very discreet (husband and I are trying for baby #2, but not ready to announce that to the world/neighbors).
      Only (small) gripe is that the package comes with no paper/written instructions, have to use a QR code to read instructions, so have to bring phone into bathroom, which I forgot first time. Minor inconvenience but hey, it is what it is.
      Will DEFINITELY order again. Please wish me (and my husband) luck and pray for us, we could use all the prayers, best wishes, and good vibes we can get!
      Thanks, Pregmate! Keep up the good work! Praying for you guys in Florida during this hurricane season.

      Yen Hdz
      The best

      I always use this strips five to six days before missed period and the always on point. So many for a awesome price. Just buy them

      Kristen Porche
      GET THEM! Don’t second guess! Just BUY

      THESE ARE AMAZING! They work and the results and instructions are very clear! And the best part of it is the amazing quality for such a cheap price! You get SO many! These are my new go-tos!!

      Sophie Soden

      Pregmate Pregnancy Midstream Tests

      Jennifer McCarthy
      Great Product!!

      I personally prefer the mid stream pregnancy test. I find them easier to use. But I love pregmate. With me and my husband struggling to conceive, it's nice to be able to have pregnancy test and ovulation test on hand. Pregmate is a very simple and affordable way to have both on hand at all times!!

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